Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Annika's First Post


My name is Annika van Leynseele, and I am a sophomore Biology major. Eventually, I hope to work in the infectious disease field; cancer is interesting to me because it is, similarly, a human pathology. My family has had some instances of cancer: my maternal grandma battled breast cancer in her 40's, and my paternal grandpa battled prostate cancer in his 70's. It is amazing to me that both of them were able to overcome their cancer and continue to live full lives. Therefore, I am excited to learn about both practiced and new ways of preventing and treating cancer.

Below is a list of estimated new cancer cases and deaths in the US in 2014.

Cancer is so widespread, both in the US and worldwide. Many diseases that are researched discussed in the media are present only in other countries. I think cancer is so fascinating, and of such importance, to so many Americans because it hits much closer to home.