Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aaron's First Post

Hi there everyone! My name is Aaron and I am a sophomore biology major. To be sincerely honest, I cannot say I know a whole lot about cancer. However, throughout this past year, my family and I have had to make many changes in our lives due to this disease. I understand that many others have probably experienced this as well, and I also understand that this may sound a tad bit cliche, but it is because of this personal experience that I want to learn more about cancer and how it can be prevented and contained. Although this is not the biggest issue in the topic of caner, I am very interested in either disproving or understanding the stereotypes and myths of how to prevent or cure cancer. For example, I would like to know if and how substances such as red wine and chocolate are meant to prevent cancer. A vast majority of people have heard of these common stereotypes and myths, but very few actually understand why they have come to be. I believe that being able to understand these beliefs could be very beneficial to myself and society as a whole.