Monday, March 31, 2014

Brittni's First Post

Hi everyone!

My name is Brittni Kam and I'm a Junior Biology major minoring in Public Health Science. This past summer I had the opportunity to intern in the Child Life Department in Honolulu, Hawaii and was given a full insight into the lives of pediatric oncology patients there. Many of them suffered from Leukemia (AML and ALL) and I also met a young 9-year old boy suffering from brain cancer. Working with these kids and their families on a daily basis exposed me not only the medical and biological side of cancer, but also showed me the unfortunate effect that cancer had on these kids; their moods, their schooling, their passions, and of course on their parents and family members. I truly connected with these children, which led me to a passion and dedication for learning more about this complex disease. I hope to go onto pediatric oncology someday so I am very excited about this course!