Monday, March 31, 2014

Antonio's First Post

           Hi everyone, I am Antonio Salas, a sophomore biology major student. I am interested in cancer biology because cancer has plagued the human race for thousands of years and because cancer is a unique group of diseases that I do not know much about, despite its abundant presence in contemporary society. By the end of this class, I hope to become enlightened on the biological processes that surround the life cycle of cancer because cancer is truly an enigma to me.
           According to the American Cancer Society, Men suffer from prostate cancer the most out of all of the cancer diseases. On the other hand, women suffer from breast cancer the most out of all types of cancers. I can infer from this that men are most prone to prostate cancer while women are most susceptible to breast cancer. The figure below depicts the site of cancer (breast cancer is shown in pink while prostate cancer is shown in purple) that is most prominent in males (shown in the top map) and females (show in the bottom map) globally.