Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cancer: Disease of Death or Disease of Aging

Hello Everyone!
So I recently had an interesting conversation with my Dad on the characteristics of cancer, and we got into an interesting conversation over whether or not cancer is a disease of aging through the lovely discussions we had in class I was able to support the fact that cancer is a disease of aging discussing the accumulation of mutations in cells overtime. I also found a statistic that stated that 50% of diagnosed cancers are of people who are 65 and older and the number is projected to be 70% in 2030.
Now the interesting statistic is that cancer deaths attributes to 13% of deaths worldwide. This does not make it then the disease of death, it just makes it a contributor to death.

But my questions are the following:
1) Wouldn't the fact that cancer is a disease of aging naturally lead it to be the disease of death?
2) What are the reasons for cancer not being the disease of death?

Now my inferences are that cancer is not the disease of death because there are many other diseases that contribute to death, and thus cancer is not the sole contributor therefore not making it the disease of death.
What do you all think? Is cancer a disease of aging or death, or both?
Looking forward to your thoughts! :)